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6 Digital and Graphic Design Trends of 2020

Written by The Magna Technology Team on January 14, 2020

To ensure your website meets user expectations, it’s important to be aware of the latest visual trends. People are more willing to stay on a website when it’s attractive and easy to use. To prepare your website for 2020, here are the latest digital and graphic design trends to have on your radar.

1. Open, airy designs

At one time, designers put frames on everything to create clean, finished looks. Now, open, airy designs are what’s popular. These designs show only part of the picture and leave the rest open to the user’s imagination. Imagine a sky full of stars or colorful circles bouncing on a page. Because of their abstract nature, open compositions are flexible and incorporate lots of colors and shapes.

2. 3D graphics

3D graphics continue to make amazing masterpieces that are fun and immersive. These elements stand out because the majority of websites feature flat, 2D designs. With new technologies, it’s easier than ever to add these graphics in new and innovative ways – and without weighing down your site. For example, 3D typography is a great way to capture your audience’s attention and share important messages.

3. Anti-gravity elements

The anti-gravity trend encompasses flying and floating design elements. Because they aren’t bound by gravity, these elements have no rules. You can position them so they look like they’re floating on and off the screen. When combined with 3D graphics and open compositions, anti-gravity elements create distinct, memorable websites.

4. Realistic textures

To encourage your customers to make a purchase decision, it helps to make your products as tangible as possible. One way to do this is with realistic textures – make visitors want to reach out and touch your products! To create true-to-life textures on your website, choose fresh looking patterns, natural elements like wood or leather and vivid icons.

5. Yellow backgrounds

Yellow has taken center stage for websites, particularly as background and accent colors. It’s a versatile hue, especially with all the different shades. For example, bright yellow signifies optimism, joy and radiance, while dark yellow promotes wisdom and timelessness. With its confidence and vigor, yellow is a top choice for millennials.

6. Metallic accents

Bold, vivid colors remain popular, but they’re not the only way to stand out. Metallic accents are working their way into more designs to make them look expensive and exclusive. Gold is a popular accent, but any color can be transformed into a lustrous hue with shiny effects.

It’s only the start of 2020, so we can expect to see more digital and graphic design trends emerge over the next 12 months. For now, consider some of these trends and how they can improve your website’s function and appearance. To include these new design trends on your website, contact Magna Technology.

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