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Tips for Improving Mobile SEO

Written by The Magna Technology Team on January 10, 2020

Mobile SEO is all about giving your visitors a great experience on your mobile site. People want to find information quickly and efficiently, so your site should be clean and easy to navigate. Most importantly, your content should load right away because people increasingly drop off with each passing second. With the majority of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s crucial that you give special attention to mobile SEO.

What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is just like regular SEO in terms of making your site crawlable and easy to find. The difference is that you must think about how mobile users find and use your site. For example, mobile users aren’t necessarily on the go. Instead, people tend to choose their nearest device, which happens to be their smartphone. And, research from Google shows that smartphone users have a higher buyer intent than desktop users.

Here are some features of good mobile SEO:

  • Fast loading web pages
  • Properly displayed content
  • Scannable content
  • Easily crawlable web pages
  • Simple navigation
  • Value for mobile users

How to Improve Mobile SEO

As long as you’re following the best search engine optimization practices, you should have no trouble improving mobile SEO. Below are the main elements to focus on.

  • Make sure your site is responsive. The easiest way to do this is by choosing a responsive theme from WordPress. These themes adapt to whatever device the user is on.
  • Improve site speed. Use PageSpeed Insights to determine how fast your pages are. If you need to reduce load times, try the following:
    • Optimize images
    • Minify code
    • Use browser caching
    • Reduce redirects
  • Don’t block assets. Avoid blocking assets like JavaScript, CSS and HTML. This makes it harder for Google to access your site, which may result in poor rankings.
  • Ensure content is legible. Make sure your website is easy to read on mobile devices. If users have to pinch and zoom, they may get frustrated and leave your site. Aside from the content, also make sure that your buttons are easy to tap.
  • Avoid pop-up advertisements. Interstitial and pop-up ads are bothersome for mobile users – and they can make your site look spammy. It’s best not to use these ads, but if you have to, follow Google’s best practices.
  • Test your site. Run mobile usability tests to continue improving your website. If your site is optimized, tell Google so that it can be properly indexed. Use Google Search Console to keep on top of your site’s performance.
  • Convert pages to AMP. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) offer faster load times because they are stripped down HTML copies of existing web content. If you have a WordPress site, create AMPs by downloading the official plugin.

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