6 of the Most Important Ecommerce Web Features

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Are you building an ecommerce site and want to know what features to include? Successful ecommerce websites carry a great selection of products, but they also need to be fast and enjoyable to use. After all, if it’s difficult for customers to make purchases, they’ll probably go elsewhere.

Magna Technology specializes in building fast, efficient ecommerce sites for our business clients. Here are the six ecommerce web features that we recommend adding to these sites, whether you’re building one from scratch or updating an existing site.

1. Responsive Web Design

We always recommend choosing a responsive design because it’s mobile-friendly and adapts to all screen sizes. This allows customers to shop conveniently from the device they are on, getting the same experience as everyone else. Fortunately, most ecommerce web themes are already responsive.

2. High-Resolution Images and Video

To help consumers make smart purchase decisions, be sure to add plenty of high-quality product images and demo videos. Technical considerations are crucial, however, as you don’t want this media to slow down page load times. Before uploading, optimize all media content.

3. Promotions and Discounts

To promote more sales and bigger purchases, it helps to have special offers. When shoppers realize they’re getting a good deal, it entices them to spend more time on your site. Promotion and discount code tools are available to help you create personalized, compelling offers that your customers can’t refuse.

4. Wish Lists

This may sound like a bonus feature, but wish lists are an important addition to ecommerce sites. Oftentimes, people find products they love but aren’t willing to buy them at that very moment. Let your customers build their own wish lists so they can come back and shop when they’re ready.

5. Easy Check Out Process

When your customer is ready to checkout, you’re that much closer to completing a sale – and gaining a customer. Don’t lose them for a silly reason. Make sure your checkout process is easy by accepting multiple payment options, providing upfront shipping costs and allowing guest checkout.

6. Detailed Shipping Information

Shipping can make or break a sale. When possible, offer free shipping or at least flat rate shipping. This allows customers to shop on your site while knowing what it will cost for delivery. It’s also helpful to offer multiple shipping options and include a zip code shipping calculator.

When it comes to building an ecommerce site, these are six ingredients you can’t afford to ignore. By working with Magna Technology, you can create a fast, optimized, user-friendly ecommerce site that your customers will love using! Contact us today for pricing.