The Technical Aspects of an E-commerce Website

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Building an e-commerce site isn’t as difficult as it sounds, though you will need to work with a professional web development company to ensure that it offers secure, efficient e-commerce capabilities. You want your site to be trustworthy and capable of handling all size transactions.

As you create an e-commerce site for your business, here are the technical aspects to be most concerned with.

Website Security

It’s crucial that your e-commerce site is safe from hackers because these sites handle sensitive information. Any website that asks for this type of information should have an SSL certificate. This certificate also avoids Google from flagging your site as “not secure.” Additionally, you should have a payment processing tool that offers extra security during the shopping cart and payment processes.

Website Performance

If your site is not enjoyable to shop on, you will lose customers. Your web pages should load in milliseconds, and if they’re not, your e-commerce vendor should be working on a solution for you. At Magna Technology, we monitor e-commerce websites 24-hours a day to ensure that all pages are operating at peak levels. If they’re not, we resolve it immediately.

Ability to Scale

E-commerce sites often have to scale back and forth depending on their sales cycles, special promotions and time of year. To ensure that your site is able to quickly and easily scale, it’s best to use a cloud platform. Using this type of platform, your site can be scaled back and forth to accommodate peak selling times.

Mobile First

More consumers are shopping on their mobile devices than ever before, so optimizing your site for mobile is essential. To ensure that our clients’ e-commerce sites cater to a mobile audience, we start by building a mobile-first interface that provides more flexibility and scale. Developing your site and then converting to mobile later on is not the best approach.

Website Updates

No website is a “set it and done” project, and this is especially true for e-commerce sites that are being changed all the time. It’s important to work with a vendor that monitors your site, delivers new code and installs updates for improved performance. This is all backend programming that you don’t need to be concerned with but should have the confidence that it’s being done for you.

Cloud Hosting

An e-commerce service provider generally stores information in the cloud, though there are differences that you should know about. Be sure to talk to your hosting service about whether or not your data is safe, if you will be the one responsible if your data is compromised and how soon you can access your data following a breach.

Magna Technology is happy to serve your ecommerce needs, whether it is building a new e-commerce site or hosting your current one. Contact us today to learn more about our e-commerce services.