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Why is Web Maintenance Important?

Written by The Magna Technology Team on May 26, 2020

A website is essentially a living entity that requires continuous attention and care. Without it, your website can fall below your competitors, drive customers away and even leave you vulnerable to security breaches. To ensure your website functions optimally and serves your customers in real-time, you need routine maintenance.

While you can do some web maintenance on your own, we recommend having a web consultant who watches over things on your behalf. This way, you can run your business in confidence while knowing that your site is safe, secure and functional. Below are some benefits to expect when you get regular web maintenance.

Protection from Security Threats

Even if you have a small website, you’re still at risk for being hacked. Hackers do this to steal bandwidth, drive downloads or run blackhat SEO spam campaigns, so never assume your site is too small for someone to care. Plus, older sites that haven’t been updated are easy to hack into because the coding is less secure and the modules are not up to date. By regularly maintaining your site, you can ensure everything stays safe.

Save Time and Money

It’s more cost- and time-effective to make small updates on a regular basis compared to major updates all at once. If your site is regularly maintained, you’ll always be taking advantage of the latest technology and security. Also, your web developer only needs to spend a small amount of time making improvements rather than hours upon hours to update everything across your site.

Improve Usability Features

Web users have a high standard for how websites should perform. If your site is slow to respond or difficult to use, you’re likely to lose customers forever. With regular updates, you can provide your visitors with the best usability, which often includes faster service, cleaner navigation and optimized experiences. Aren’t these the same reasons why we’re so quick to update our phones and wearables?

Enhance Speed

Whenever a new release comes out, there are usually new features added as well as bug fixes. With a high-performing website, your visitors can enjoy fast loading pages. This will help you keep visitors on your site rather than losing them to slow loading content. After all, studies consistently show that load times have a direct impact on bounce rates, conversions and sales.

Boost Brand Image

Your website tells people a lot about your business and how well you understand your customers. A poorly maintained site with lots of errors, broken links and dead pages will send the message that you don’t care about your visitors. Show customers that you want every brand experience to be positive – it all starts with an enjoyable, seamless web experience.

Maintaining a good site is easy to do when you partner with a company like Magna Technology. We provide full-time webmaster services for a fraction of the cost of others. Contact us today to learn more about our web maintenance services and how they can improve your business.

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