Black Friday 2019 Ecommerce Trends

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The Black Friday rush is just around the corner – and it’s going to be BIG. In fact, many retailers have already started offering early bird discounts to get people visiting their sites and buying early Christmas gifts. It’s expected that Americans will spend over $12 billion online this year on Black Friday. There is money to be made – is your business ready?

Below are the Black Friday 2019 ecommerce trends to have on your radar.

Earlier Deals

No longer is Black Friday limited to a single day. More retailers are pushing their deals out early – in the first week or two of November. You’ve probably already seen early deals being featured online or in catalogs. This approach is smart because it encourages people to shop early, spreading out your sales and preventing inventory gaps, delayed shipping, etc. Secondly, you can get ahead of your competitors by planting incentives and teasers that keep people watching your brand.

Clear, Direct Black Friday Ads

Black Friday ads don’t leave any doubt as to what the customer can expect. These holiday ads are clear and aggressive, letting shoppers know what they can expect, when and for how long. Brands that try to play around with creative or evasive advertisements will end up losing customers.

Smart Tech for the Win

It’s predicted that some of the hottest products for Black Friday will be related to smart tech. This technology is becoming more mainstream, and people want in on it. From smart thermostats, smart security cameras and smart light bulbs, this technology allows people to be efficient while saving money and conserving energy.


FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, works incredibly well in marketing. It’s even more useful during the holidays when customers are looking for cool gadgets, great gifts and awesome deals. If you can plant some FOMO into your marketing, it’s a win-win for everyone. For example, do you have limited quantities or low inventory on hot products? Are you running a promotion until sold out?

Countdown Clock

Another trend for Black Friday 2019 is countdown sales. These sales work well because they add anticipation to ordinary promotions and discounts. You can pick an entire genre, such as offering a discount on all shoes or games, or feature select items. Post the clock to your website so that shoppers know when your sale starts and how long they have to shop. Seeing a timer near the items gives them a sense of urgency.

Black Friday continues to exceed new limits thanks to the convenience of online shopping. Consider these trends and how you can use them in your own Black Friday marketing.