How Long Does It Take for Google to Index Your Page?

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When you write a new blog post or add a new page to your website, you want Google to index it as soon as possible. This way, people can start discovering your content! What many people find, however, is that it takes time for Google to index new pages. How long? It could be several days or even months, and even then, it depends on a variety of factors.

How Long Does it Take Google to Index New Content?

There’s no guaranteed timeframe for how long it takes for new content to appear in Google, but people say it can happen in a few hours, a few weeks or a few months. Google must first crawl through the web, gather data, look for new information and then add it to the index. When you add or alter content, it won’t be searchable until it has been indexed, though it’s still accessible.

To find out if your new content has been indexed, all you need to do is search for it on Google.

  • Type in your Google address with “site” as the preface. Example:
  • Type in the same Google address without “www” but keep “site.” Example:
  • Type in your company’s name and industry. Use quotation marks to ensure it gets the exact phrase.
  • Type in an exact phrase or quote from your new content that is unique.

Tips for Getting Your Content Indexed Faster

How long it takes Google to index your content is out of your control. However, there are a few things that may speed up the process. Let’s take a look at what these are.

  • Ask Google to crawl your site using Google Search Console.
  • Work on getting high quality external links. The more external links your content has, the more likely it is to be found by Google.
  • Add your new content to your social media profiles. This, too, can help your content get discovered faster.
  • Get setup on Google My Business to increase your visibility as a local business.

Remember, Google’s Job is to Discover New Content!

While there’s no definite way that you will get Google to index your content faster, these tips increase your odds of getting noticed. At the same time, don’t worry too much because Google regularly crawls through the internet to discover new content. It’s what it does best!

What happens if your content is indexed but not ranking well? Getting your site indexed is only the first step. You need many other things to move up in the search rankings. Working with a search engine optimization company and having your site audited for technical SEO are important steps.