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Tips for Creating the Perfect FAQ Page

Written by The Magna Technology Team on June 4, 2020

When building a website, there are a few pages that we recommend for most clients. One of them is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. This page is important because it points users towards helpful content that answers their questions. It also relieves some of the burden on your customer service team, especially if users continue to ask the same questions. By freeing up service tickets, your customer support team can focus on more unique issues.

To ensure your FAQ page is the best it can be, follow the tips below.

Research the questions your audience is asking.

The first step is to collect all of the questions and concerns that your customers have. Don’t assume you know what they are. Rather, ask your customer service team for insight or do some online research. Focus on questions that your staff is tired of answering or topics that customers seem to have confusion on.

Create responses for each question.

When you have your questions, spend some time crafting thoughtful responses for each one. Don’t write lengthy, detailed answers. Keep your responses short, clear and relevant. Usually, people visit the FAQ page when they’re looking for a quick response. Plus, writing in this manner increases the chances that you’ll show up as a featured snippet.

Organize your questions and answers.

The next step is to determine how you will organize your questions and answers. Site organization is important, as visitors usually just want a response to one or two questions. They don’t care to read through all of the content. Some of the best navigational systems to use include collapsible windows, jump-to links and separate linked pages.

Feature the page on your site.

Your FAQ page should be easy to find. If it’s difficult, people will give up and contact your customer support team anyway. You can include the FAQ page in your site’s menu, sidebar or footer area. Also, feel free to insert a link to your page where it makes sense, such as a blog post or contact page.

Final Advice

FAQ pages are one of the most important pages on your site. Don’t overuse it, of course, as you want to feature the most frequently asked questions and responses only. And, remember that this page is alive. It should be updated with new questions as they arise, and information that is no longer helpful can be removed. To learn more about creating an FAQ page for your site, contact Magna Technology today.

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