Ways to Protect Your WordPress Site from Hackers

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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the market. Because of this, it’s also a target for hackers. This is why it’s imperative to protect your site from WordPress hacking. While no website is 100% hack proof, there are many things you can do to keep your risk of vulnerabilities low.

Here are some tips to help you protect your WordPress site from cyber criminals.

Use Strong Passwords

Many WordPress sites are hacked because the criminals found a way to get through the password. By using strong passwords, you can protect your site from brute force attacks.

While most people are aware strong passwords are best, they also find it hard to remember all of these credentials. To help you create and store passwords safely, use a password manager and encrypt passwords safely.

Restrict Access

Don’t give access to your site to people you don’t know or trust. If you have no choice, be sure to restrict access. This means giving the necessary amount of privileges to complete the job, but nothing more. Once the task is complete, remove access right away. Taking these steps protects your WP account.

Keep Plugins Updated

WordPress is secure, but it is an open source platform that allows anyone to access the code. Therefore, you must be careful about the plugins you add, as some have vulnerabilities that can leave you open to hackers. We recommend limiting the plugins you add to your site and keeping them secure and updated.

Choose a Hardening Method

A hardening method locks vulnerable entry points so that it’s harder for hackers to access your site. Here are some of the ways to add these protective barriers to your site.

  • Keep your server clean
  • Delete unused plugin and WP files
  • Avoid using public WiFi
  • Prevent image hotlinking
  • Prevent directory browsing
  • Protect your wp-config file
  • Restrict login URLs

Use a Reliable Firewall

Most firewalls will apply the above settings by default. So, make sure that you have a reliable firewall. This level of security filters out bad requests and allows good ones to go through. This keeps potential hackers from accessing your wp-admin or wp-login page and using brute force to guess your password.

If you have a WordPress site, it’s important to keep it safe and secure from hacking. Magna Technology specializes in WordPress site security, so contact us today to determine how secure your current site is and ways to improve it.