Top Reasons to Choose WordPress as Your Website Platform

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Building a website has never been easier thanks to the modern Content Management System (CMS). With the right platform, you can build a beautiful, responsive website without having to know coding. The majority of CMS users choose WordPress as their platform of choice – it’s Magna Technology’s top choice, too!

Here are the top seven reasons to choose WordPress as your website platform.

1. Flexible and Adaptable for Changing Needs

WordPress was originally created to support blogging and other types of publishing, but it can now be used to run complex websites for large corporations, small businesses and ecommerce sites. With many themes and easy access to source files, it can easily adapt to your company’s changing needs.

2. User Friendly – No Coding Background Needed

If you don’t have a background in coding, you can still use WordPress in a matter of minutes. All you need is a domain name and a web hosting account. You can even install WordPress for free through your WordPress hosting provider or directly from The Admin dashboard has all the features you need to customize your site, and it’s easy to follow and understand.

3. Wide Variety of Themes

WordPress themes are plentiful – and the directory continues to grow with new free and paid themes. Also available are beautiful, responsive themes through design marketplaces and third-party designers from around the world. You can preview your themes and install new ones at any time to give your website a different look.

4. Specialized Plugins

Another neat perk to using WordPress is the number of plugins available. The WordPress plugin directory includes hundreds of plugins that are designed to perform specific tasks, such as adding shopping carts, galleries, contact forms and more. Like WordPress themes, you can also install custom plugins from third-party developers. And, as your site grows, you can add more plugins and delete others.

5. WordPress Sites Rank High

WordPress sites tend to rank high because they’re responsive, continuously updated and have a variety of tools and plugins for optimizing content. As your business evolves, it’s easy to make changes and updates to your site that keeps it in the top of the search rankings, driving new and targeted traffic your way.

6. Built-In Blogs

Because WordPress is a content management system, it’s easy to publish content to your website. For example, there’s a built-in blog feature that allows you to add a blog to your website without having to create one separately. And as you may know, adding regular blog posts helps your site rank well for SEO.

7. Support Available

If you ever run into problems with your WordPress site, you’ll have no problems finding support. WordPress is an open-source community, so there are many people who play a role in keeping WordPress updated and secure. You can also get help for technical issues, and find recommendations for themes and plugins.

As you can see, WordPress is an excellent website platform. If you are considering building or updating your site, consider a hosting provider that offers WordPress hosting. This will save you time and ensure your website looks great for all users.